Jan 11, 2012

Shining on Wednesday!

Good morning SHINE girls!!!  Jill has has asked me to guest post today.  Deep breath.  My name is Mary and I'm blessed to call her my precious, longtime friend.  I'm amazed at what God is doing through my girl but not surprised at all.  She has a gift and it's just awesome to cheer her on as she SHINES for our God.

Ok, a couple of things.

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Also, we want to hear from you.  If you would, post your comments under the reading for each day and share with us what stood out for you in the scriptures.  Click on "COMMENT" and you can post anonymously if you don't have a google account but please leave your name if possible.  It's our hope to begin to create a dialog so that we can know one another, share together and grow.

Here is today's scripture reading:  http://www.youversion.com/bible/msg/1sam/8/1

I was struck by the Israelites asking Samuel for a new king.  God didn't want them to forget that He was their real leader.  Isn't that so true for us still today.  Throughout our lives, with all of the people that are put in power over us, whether it's at work or our elected officials, God is our leader and He is in control.
Ah...That brings so much peace.  Thank you, Lord.

One final thought.  I had the honor of watching a Women of Faith video last night.  It was a delight to hear Luci Swindoll speak again.  She must be in her mid 70's and still bringing the Word.

Her message was on this verse.
I Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is enough for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” So then, I will boast most gladly about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may reside in me.

She said, what's your favorite weakness?  Then she said, mine is being grouchy.  "When folks don't do what they say they're going to do, I want to shoot them!"  

Ha!  I can relate!

So Lord, please come into my favorite weakness (mine is having a critical spirit) and make Your Power perfect over me.  We have to invite God into our messy closets and seek His guidance to clean it out and get back on track.  I have to purposefully look to the good because the negative drags me down and causes my flesh to show off.  Yuck, that's never good.  Let's ask Him now to help us with that today.  

Please tell us your thoughts on the reading and also share your favorite weakness so that Christ's power may reside in You.

SHINE girls!!!

With love,


  1. My weakness is quick preconceived judgements of others or their actions before I consult the Lord on how He wants me to view and respond. Thank goodness He taps me in my heart and shakes his finger. I ask for strength of the Holy Spirit to hear and obey. This brings His peace to my heart and hopefully fruit for His kingdom.
    Thank you Mary for your insight today.

  2. Anonymous1/11/2012

    My horrible, horrible weakness is worry and anxiety. I am trusting in the Lord to heal me of this. I'm doing my best to do my part daily and allow Him to do His. Trusting Him because I know He is able!

    I love Samuel's obedience. He doesn't hesitate and he is confident in the Lord. We can all approach these weaknesses the enemy has thrown at us with that same confidence. And as Mary said, God is our leader and He is in control! :)

    In His Love,
    Sarah Frachiseur

  3. Thank you, Terri and Sarah for sharing your hearts! :) It doesn't come natural to "boast" about weakness does it? I was a little reluctant over here but if it allows Him to work on my heart -- then, by all means. Grateful to journey with you! xo!

  4. I love the friendship that Samuel had with our God. I love that God said, "They aren't rejecting you, Samuel...they are rejecting me." If you don't rule over them...I don't rule over them..because Samuel was a prophet ... a speaker for and of God.

    My weakness is I want people to like me...I'm sooooo sanguine in temperament (Bev LaHaye) ...that I won't all to like me.

    As we all know, as we've drawn near to the LORD, all have not liked us. As we've witnessed the gospel of Christ to lost friends and family...we've felt so rejected.

    Being God's speaker...teacher, prayer warrior and intercessor, mentor, older woman to younger women, discipler..for years now...you might think I would not still face that weakness...but I do. I have to let Him speak whether people like me or not more now than ever..and lean on the Truth...that it's not me they are rejecting...it is HIM!!!

  5. Anonymous1/11/2012

    I LOVE this Mary!! So true!! I always love to know that God is the one and only true ruler over my life!! Whew--no need to worry about anything else:) Just like in the scripture, when we decide to let other things/people be our GOD and do not look only to HIM, things never work out. Lives fall apart. Learning to only trust God is the best gift I could have ever learned. Thank you so much for sharing your heart through your words! You always inspire me. Love that LUCI girl too!! She makes loving Jesus oh so fun!! I want to be like her!! Celebrating my weakness of feeling lonely. I hate that about myself, but I've learned to focus on God in those moments when I feel that. Usually, those days I'll get a phone call out of the blue from an old friend or Chuck will call me or the school will call with a sick child---I love to lean on my Jesus!! He KNOWS me and KNOWS my needs. Praying for strength in everyone's weakness today! Shining through today with love <3 erin spinks:)

  6. I came to this blog just after emailing a few of the SHINE girls to ask for prayer in my weakness - then I come here and find encouragement :) God is good and thank you ladies!

    My current weakness is fear....Since David passed away last week, I have been overwhelmed at times with fear. Fear that something is going to happen to me and that Ryan O will be without me. Fear...and I KNOW that is not of God. I am just struggling a bit.....My growth in my relationship and in my faith has been HUGE over the last year and I have been somewhat vocal in sharing that news with everyone I know. :) But as we know that does sometimes put a target on us....but from the world and from a spiritual stand point.

    I believe and trust God's word that I have nothing to fear and that fear is not the of Him - in looking to His word I find

    2 Timothy 1:7 - For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

    Trying to bring my weakness to Him, seeking comfort in and holding onto His word.

  7. Samantha, I have other sweet friends who really struggle in this area, too. Prayers for you friend. I know that letting fear fester in our hearts and minds only causes more fear to churn away in the private places. So proud of you for sharing and letting His strength to be made perfect in our weaknesses. I'm right there with you. :)

  8. thank you so much, Mary, for you God-inspired post today. thank you for stepping up to the plate and helping me out in such a beautiful and graceful way. forever grateful.

    what is my weakness?

    or shall i say...what are my weaknesses? :)

    i have many.

    FEAR is also my biggest weakness, Samantha.

    fear shows up in many forms in my life:

    fear of losing my children, losing my husband, losing my parents, and last but not least...fear of rejection.

    this past Fall was my breaking point with this.

    i was leading a Love Dare with several girls to help us improve and strengthen our marriages.

    God had laid the idea on my heart and i was so excited to lead this Love Dare group.

    After about the 7th day, the enemy attacked me hard with fearful thoughts.

    fear of something happening to my children was the main one. it was so out of control.

    i felt like i was literally going crazy. i couldn't sleep--and if i did--i would sleep in the bed with my children so that i could "protect" them.

    here i was leading this Love Dare for 35 other women, and i was a complete and utter MESS.

    it was a horrible season. i couldn't wait for the Love Dare to be over because i wanted the enemy to leave me alone. i didn't care anymore about helping others at that point..because my mind was so screwed up.

    guess what??

    that is exactly where Satan wanted me!

    satan's whole plan was for me to turn inward...instead of turning outward to help others.

    i will never forget, i was on the phone one day with my sister crying to her about this fear that was crippling my life.

    she said this: "that's so stupid, Jill. get MAD, tell Satan that you don't believe lies! Jill, take your own advice and don't believe the LIE! who do you believe...God or the enemy? show your faith, Jill...live it, don't just say the wordS!"

    i held the phone in my hand, puzzled.

    then God turned a light bulb on in my heart...she was right.

    God wanted me to overcome this through Him...to show His power and Glory through my life.

    just as Mary pointed out above...God was teaching me the meaning of this verse:

    1 Cor. 12:9 says,"My Grace is enough for you, my power is made perfect weakness."


    from that day forward...i was healed.

    God had allowed the enemy to attack me in that area to strengthen my faith and dependence on HIM.

    girls! these weaknesses in our life are only for our good...because they grow us closer to Him. if we were all perfect, we would have no need for the Father.

    so, i say...weaknesses are what makes us SHINE!

    it is though YOUR biggest weakness, girls, that God will show His biggest Glory through you.

    believe it.

    when i am weak--He is stong,


  9. no spell check on the comment posting...forgive the misspellings.

    again, i am good at being imperfect. :-)

  10. When I read the section....it struck me that we often times use "things", rather than people, as the leaders in our lives!

    Keeping up with the "whoevers", money, nice cars, fancy trips, working out, shopping, electronics, Facebook, or anything we obsess over can become our "King(s)"! Kind of scary!

    The deeper I get into God's word, the less important things I once thought I MUST have become! It is actually nice!

    I wonder if anyone has some "materialistic Kings" in their lives that have replaced the one and only, the King of all Kings!!??

    Great sub-blogging Mary! <3

    The sun is out today....don't let it outshine you girls!

    hugs and love
    Kim Jaynes

  11. Anonymous1/11/2012

    Jill, thank you for sharing your heart like that. I, too, have struggled with fear that has crippled me and brought me to some low places. It loves to try to rear it's ugly head where ever it can. I love the part that your sister told you. I had to read it aloud because it stood out to me so much. Please know I have been COVERING you, your children, your husband, and your home with prayer since you have bravely and boldly taken on the role as our leader. Thank you again for doing this! Love, Sarah Frachiseur

  12. (And the first half of my comment disappeared! ?? I am new to this blog this...forgive me! :o) let me put the beginning back so the ending which came first might make a little more sense!)

    My fear(s)....haha...way too many to list! I mean, one doesn't become this protective of the ones she loves, OCD and overly anally-retentive if they have no fears! If I do everything just so----clean my house to a sparkling t, fold clothes with perfect creases, organize everything that can be organized, make my my life look like a Norman Rockwell portrait...then no one will see the real me, the me full of blemishes and fears!

    Get this.....probably my biggest feat is the fear of telling my fear....you know, fearing that saying them out loud or writing them down...gives them power and that once they are out...satan knows where to attack me! Oh yes ladies.....Silly....i know! But so is FEAR...if you truly think about it.

    Why on earth, if we truly believe God's word....would we have any reason to fear anything! I guess....we are only human, after all, and those feelings from the flesh rise up at the most inopportune moment for us!

    Moments when we are weak (he kicks us when we are down) or moments when we feel like we are on top of the world (these times we often loose sight of the fact that we need God) he sneak's in to cause us guilt, or doubt, or loneliness, or jealousy, or greed, or .....I could go on and on!

    The king of lies prowls around....waiting to attack....ok I am visual....so this is what I picture.......satan....a large mean viscous black cat...hiding where I cannot see him...crouched down.....anxious to get at me....his adrenaline building with up each step that I take in his direction.....he is smiling and licking his lips.......then when he thinks the time is right...BAM....out of nowhere he is on my back...claws dug in ready to take me down and devour!

    Our defense is easy..........just like Angela told Jill....turn around in the name of God and...rebuke him.

    My visual then turns him into a not so big cat that runs off back to his hiding place!

    Unfortunately, it isn't always that easy! Sadly, I have probably given in to him more than I have rebuked him!

    I also think the closer we become to God the harder satan fights....that means we must always be aware that he is lurking so that we know how to defend ourselves in an attack! Put on the full armor of God.....

    Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
    Ephesian 6:10-13

    We must be suited up like knights ready for the battle field...our arsenal of weapons and armor--------GOD's word!

    We must fight off satan.....our strenght comes from the King of Kings....our only King....God!

    Also.......whenI read this section.... (i am inserting the comment from above now)

    When I read the section....it struck me that we often times use "things", rather than people, as the leaders in our lives!

    Keeping up with the "whoevers", money, nice cars, fancy trips, working out, shopping, electronics, Facebook, or anything we obsess over can become our "King(s)"! Kind of scary!

    The deeper I get into God's word, the less important things I once thought I MUST have become! It is actually nice!

    I wonder if anyone has some "materialistic Kings" in their lives that have replaced the one and only, the King of all Kings!!??

    Great sub-blogging Mary! <3

    The sun is out today....don't let it outshine you girls!

    and now...it is all here....even though it may be more than you wanted to read :o)
    hugs and love
    Kim Jaynes

  13. it thrills me to have you girls share your hearts.

    healing comes when we bring our weaknesses and hurts to the LIGHT!

    so, SHINE!!

    blessed by you,


  14. I have a hard time with trusting.

    But I know I can trust Him...so that's what I do.

  15. kim jaynes sent me this...wanted to share with any of you struggling with fear...like yours truly. :)

    verses regarding fear..


  16. you may have to copy and paste the link..don't think you can access from here. :)

  17. ok, i just have to share something...

    God will use your weaknesses to be a testimony in someone else's life.

    it's true.

    whatever you are going through now, friends..if you stick close to the Father and trust Him...He will use you to minister to another one day through your story.

    count on it.


  18. Anonymous1/11/2012

    I would have to say that what Kim wrote about her fears sounded just like me. I have OCD, I require perfection in myself to feel in control, I clean my house attest 4 times a week and like doing it because I can control that. My fears are many from things with my children, a house fire , work, moving to a new county and not knowing many people. The fear of not being accepted etc, etc, etc. I do find that I pray a lot and God does provide the comfort I need. Like giving me you Shine girls. I may not know most of you but I feel that we have a bond and I love reading that I am not so different from some of you. Thank you all for playing a big part in my life that you probably had no idea about!

    shining with my sisters , Julie

    1. Julie--we LOVE SHINING with you, friend. <3

  19. I'd have to throw my hat in the anxiety ring. My memory scripture for the month is 2 Cor. 4:7. God's power shines through our cracked jars of clay....He uses our weakness as a vehicle for his power. Great post Mary.

  20. My greatest weakness is fear and anxiety...Satan seems to know just how to get me and does it every time. I am so ready to be FREE from this and am working on it fervently. I would love prayers in this area. <3 LOVING our little...or shall I say HUGE..group of Godly women!


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