Jan 27, 2012

Friday Give-away Winner...

Who's ready to hear the WINNER of our Weekday Give-away??

Okay, let's do this!

Y'all have made my week with your God humor comments. Seriously, I've been chuckling over here.

First let me tell you the awesome prize!

My friend, Kate Wicker, has just published her first book! She is an amazing Christian writer, mother of 4, and she home schools.

Yep, all that. Pretty incredible, huh?

Well, she offered to give away a SIGNED copy of her book, "Weightless  :Making peace with your body".

How cool is that? Who doesn't want a little peace with their body? For real, sign me up!

Thank you, sweet Kate, for donating your book to one of our fellow SHINE girls. We are so grateful!

Without further delay...

My handsome assistant (and son), Joseph,  draws a  name
(yes, those are Christmas wreaths still on my kitchen windows. don't judge. )

Looky Looky!
 It's...ANGIE HEAD!!!

Presley wanted her picture made as well (go figure)...
so Joseph did the honors of taking this one.
(I was okay with a pic since I finally had my 2 inch roots bleached today. oh happy day!)

Angie! Congratulations, friend! YOU are the SHINE girl WINNER!

Kate's book is coming to you!

Now that this is over, y'all can go and have a wonderful weekend. :)

Oh, by the way, my friend Rebekah, will be guest-blogging tomorrow. Yay!

Stay tuned!

happy weekending,


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