Welcome to our page! We want you to be a part of our SHINE group! 

We are reading a book of the Bible a month!

The great thing is....you can JUMP in at any time. We will be cycling through the Bible continuously as long as we have our little group here.

We are going slow, because we want to be able to daily reflect on what we have read and have time to digest God's word.

No matter where you are on your faith journey....a beginner or a bible scholar, we welcome YOU.

This is how we started: read this post

Come grow with us!

The whole point of this group is to grow together on this journey of getting to know Jesus better every single day. To hold each other accountable and to encourage each other step by step.

God's word brings truth and wisdom...who doesn't want that? :)

If we are armed with the word of God, we can be stronger and bolder on our faith journey.

***If you want to be a SHINE girl...please become a member by entering your email in the "subscribe" box on the home page. Simple! 

You will be sent a subscription confirmation that you will then have to click to validate.

After that, you will be sent via email all readings and posts made here on the blog.

Or, just stop by daily and see what's happening. It's like meeting your best girlfriends every day for coffee and girl talk!

**Also, be sure to post any prayer requests and praises, or testimonies under the Weekly Prayer Page commentsWe want to hear from you!

We always welcome your comments, thoughts, ideas, anything!

SHINE is made up of ALL of our voices. Not just mine.

Come, SHINE with us!

your fellow SHINE girl,

jill hill