Mar 4, 2013

Monday SHINE

Reading plan for the week of 3/4 - 3/10
  • Monday 3/4:  Hebrews 11:23-40
  • Tuesday 3/5:  Hebrews 12:1-17
  • Wednesday 3/6:  Hebrews 12:18-29
  • Thursday 3/7:   Hebrews 13:1-8
  • Friday 3/8:  Hebrews 13:9-25
  • Saturday 3/9:  Numbers 1, 2
  • Sunday 3/10:  Numbers 3, 4

Happy Monday, SHINE girls!  :)

Remember, we are meditating on the Beatitudes with our weekly memory verse(s).  

Ok, Girls - - let's rest here for a while.  

Matthew 5:4~

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This scripture feels just like a warm blanket during our very toughest days.  

It also helps to ease our deep concerns for the ones we love who are mourning  heavy losses (whatever they may be). 

When we hear this verse are we struck by the emphatic, absolute tone?  

Let's not miss it.

Jesus does not say, we might be comforted.  

No, our promise is that we WILL BE.  

Don't you love to have that special friend on which you can count? 

She says she will be there and you have no doubt that she actually will.  

Friends, is there anything better than this?  

How about a Savior who says - I WILL BE THERE, in your darkest hour - to comfort you.

Take His hand, the strong, nail-scarred one that is reaching out to you.  He longs to comfort us and be our "Person".
Let him, won't you.

What a steadfast promise we have from our loving Savior!  

Taking His precious hand again,



Anonymous said...

awesome :) love, sarah

Anonymous said...

This verse reminds me of my sweet mom. She was raised as a follower and fell away for many years. When my dad died I didn't know if she would make it. But though her greif she found The Lord again! I cry everytime I think about how he saved her. She has a home church reads her Bible everyday vounlteers at a nursing home. He comforted her and then gave our family the mom I have wanted back for so long. Thanks for this verse today. Kisses Kelly