Jan 19, 2013

Saturday SHINE....

Good morning, SHINE sisters!!

I'm sitting here looking out the window at the North Georgia Mountains.

You are all on my heart!

I'm praying for you. I love your hearts for the Lord.

Y'all are my GIRLS!

I want to bless you.

So, here's a Super Saturday SHINE girl give away!

It's the least I can do to show my love and JOY for your sweet little hearts.

I've got a cool little prize for one of you precious little darlings. ;-)

Just leave a comment telling us a little something about your sweet self. Anything!

We want to get to know our SHINE sisters!

For example: Jill Hill--I love coffee dates with my friends!

See, easy! Make sure to leave your name so that I can contact you if your name is drawn. Yay!

I'll draw a name next week. ;)

If you have trouble commenting: email me at shinegirlsshine@gmail.com and I'll post it for you. :)

You are all so very special! Not just to me, but in the eyes of our Father! Whew, how He LOVES you!!

Happy weekend, pretty girls!

Ready to give something away,



  1. I just started drinking coffee in the last few months although they are all "fru fru" like lattes and I'm totally addicted. (I always thought coffee was YUCK) I even got a cappucino/latte maker for Christmas and I LOVE it :)

  2. Anonymous1/19/2013

    I love to take pictures of everything!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Jenna Johnson

  3. Anonymous1/19/2013

    God! Family! Sweet tea!
    Rachel Reid

  4. Anonymous1/19/2013

    I love getting lost in a good book! :)
    Yvonne Harper

  5. I actually LOVE a lot! Maybe because my birthday is close to Valentine's Day, but my daughter and I were talking about this yesterday so it's still fresh in my mind :) I love coffee, warm pajamas, bubble baths & chocolate! Of course I love Jesus, my family & my friends too!

  6. Forgot my name, Angela Longenecker and I also love to read!!!!

  7. Patricia Ashmore1/19/2013

    Patricia Ashmore - I love being a grandmama to 16 wonderful grandchildren!!

  8. Anonymous1/19/2013

    I Love listening to my children when they are in sweet moods and also I Love Music!!! MeLissa A
    I Love The Lord also for giving me this wonderful life I live!!!

  9. I love a perfect day - sunshine, grass under my feet, kids laughing and a sweet tea! :)

  10. Anonymous1/19/2013

    I love to watch my son compete at track meets!
    Tori Johnson

  11. Anonymous1/20/2013

    I love my kids! I have 6 all together. 3 by birth and 3 step 2 of which I have helped raise. They are all so special each in teir own ways. I also love we they are all here at one time. It is loud and my heart smiles SOO BIG!
    Kelly G

  12. Anonymous1/20/2013

    I love spending weekends with my family and my sisters little family. We both have sons..hers is 3 and mine is almost two! We are making sweet memories each time we are together. :)
    Amanda Dunn

  13. Anonymous1/20/2013

    I love loving on my grandchildren. They are the best!

    Linda Hatcher

  14. Anonymous1/20/2013

    I love your Daddy more than I did when we were high school sweethearts, and feel blessed by God that He gave us you and Angie and all our grandchildren and super duper son-in-laws Lee and Lem.

  15. Right now my JOY is watching how God is working in the life of my sweet husband! IT.IS.AWESOME.
    Erin Davis

  16. Anonymous1/21/2013

    My Joy is my bff that God sent to me, she is such an insipation in my life...she's a very good christain and when I feel depressed or upset she know the right words to heal me.

    Jo Evans

  17. Anonymous1/21/2013

    I love the amazing family and friends that God has blessed me with!
    *Jennifer Borders*

  18. Anonymous1/21/2013

    I love starting my day exercising with friends!!! Ashley Moon....

  19. Anonymous1/22/2013

    I love to cheer for my children through life!
    Erin Spinks

  20. Anonymous1/22/2013

    Karen Trainer- I love my family!

  21. My joy comes from cooking/baking for my family and friends!!

  22. my sweet Jesus, my little family of 4, staying at home, warm sunshine days and being outside in it, my electric blanket and coffee!

  23. my sweet Jesus, my little family of 4, staying at home, warm sunshine days and being outside in it, my electric blanket and coffee!

  24. I love all my closest friends and the wonderful, beautiful little town I live in!

  25. Anonymous1/23/2013


    One of my favorite things is painting fingernails and toenails with Skylar :)

    Kelly S.

  26. Anonymous1/23/2013

    My name is Cassie Laffan. I am loving the Bible study on Nehemiah that I joined last night at Eastridge Community Church. Tuesday nights @ 6:45... It's going to be amazing! COME JOIN US!!

  27. I LOVE a good long pedicure.


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