Aug 9, 2012

Thursday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Acts 17

Good morning, SHINE girls! Is it really already Thursday? This week is getting away from

Speaking of fast, my children started 2nd grade and 6th grade yesterday. Hello, that was fast.

Not only was the Summer fast, but their whole little lives are flying by before I can scream, "Wait!!!"

Maybe you don't have children, maybe you just know exactly what I mean when I say that life will not wait on you. No, it won't. It wasn't meant to.

God designed our lives to be ever-changing, ever-growing. We like "change" when it benefits us. Like, when we turn 16, or even 18. We feel then that change is good!

However, changing doesn't feel as good when we were content where we were and then the Lord comes right in and moves things around.

Know what I mean?

I am sure you do. We all do.

Change has always been hard for me. Always. Especially changes that take place with my children. I love every stage of their little lives and I wish at times that I could freeze these moments.

However, I also know that God did not design life to be that way. If He did we would all be in little ice cubes frozen in time.  How fun would that be? Not very.

So, maybe this post is just for me. Just so that I can get the words out of my heart and breathe them into life.

I have to trust and believe that the Lord knows what He is doing. He knows that change is good for us. He knows that growth is good. Even when it is painful, it is good for us. 

He sees the picture. The big, big picture.

We see just one little ounce of it. Maybe even just half an ounce of it.

What are you dealing with, girls? Are some changes taking place that have gripped your sweet and precious heart and you are having a hard time adjusting?

Oh, how I can relate.

However, I am learning to trust Him. To believe Him. To know that He wants best for us.

We have to believe this, because it is the Rock that we stand on. His Rock. His Word. His Timing. His Will for us.

This is when that "child-like faith" comes in, girls. We have to trust Him. Even when we cannot see the reasons. We must trust Him anyway.

Keep growing, girls. Keep changing. It's good for you. It's good for me.

It's His will for us. What else could we ever want?



The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, 
my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, 
and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
Psalm 18:2


Rebekah Hudgins Vepraskas said...

Jill, I love this as I know the struggle we face raising little "changers" who constantly evolve. It is so similar to what the Lord sees in us as His children. I pray we all lean into the work the Lord is doing in our lives and trust Him with the change around us and especially inside us-- in our hearts.

Love you friend!!

Pepper Helms said...

You know, I sort of pride myself in being a mom who actually enjoys watching my kids grow up into beautiful & handsome ladies & men. As much as I loved my litle guys, being a parent of teens is SO much easier to me (physically anyway)! However, I was looking through photos yesterday and almost cried looking at my sweet "babies" . I looked so young and fresh before life had gotten the best of me in some ways, but realized how far I'd grown through those years of joys & struggles. I wanted to go back and just enjoy the moments as they came instead of rushing through life, from one task to the next. But it gave me hope that I can still do that, no matter how old I get or how much change we go through as a family, that God wants us to tranform into His image. He wants us to have new thoughts, renew our minds, not conforming to the world. He wants us to truly believe that He is in control, "which means I can face things that are out of my control and not ACT out of control."

Jill Hill said...

I love this, Pepper. <3 I almost put that verse about renewing our minds, etc. So funny that you wrote that.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, sweet friend.

conny said...

I just LOVE U Jill .... Thank you from the bottom of my heart .... Changes are like you say sometime painful and it's my case but I have to believe and trust our God ..... This divorce it's being the hardest thing that I being thru but I am stronger and I am doing thing for my own that I never did like driving on 285 , 75 by my own maybe is nothing for you all Shine girls but for my was a fear all this 17 years that I've living in the USA ...thank you tony God I dot fear anymore .... :) much love

Jill Hill said...

conny, you are the sweetest thing! i am so sorry that this change has been so hard on you and your sweet chloe. i cannot imagine the pain. you are so honest and so real, and i am so grateful for you.

thank you for sharing your heart with all of us. we all love you so much!!!

Women Who Pray said...

Change is the name of the game, sweet Jill. From a very young Mom...who loved all the time with my children...hated school starting back each year...loved being a stay-at-home wife...loved lobbying in my late 20's...being a student in my late 30's...teaching in my early 40's until I was 60...loved becoming a grandmama...always loved being a wife, sister, daughter, mother, and then, grandmother.
Along with all the good things...which were the changes I liked...I had the changes of miscarrying a baby...having a handicapped child...a real scare of one with a liver that had grown an extra left for the married and then divorced...another divorced...daughters in-law that were girls I had prayed not daughters any more...parents sick...many times in hospitals over and over...COPD, breast cancer, triple-by-pass surgery, death...
Amazingly, during all the change...I have found that my unchanging God...always LOVE, always GRACE, always PEACE, always JOY, and always FAITHFUL!!! Thanks for the reminder of why we must change...why youth turns to maturity...and to old age...and we all die...
Now, I understand why my Mama...our Baba...always said that death is part of life...I get it!!! :) <3