May 26, 2012

Prayer Requests and Praises....

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports! May 27th-June 2nd....

Happy Memorial Day weekending, girls!  This is our weekly prayer request page on this holiday weekend that will take us through the 1st week of JUNE!  Holy Cow! Happy Summering, too, to all of you and your families!

We’d also like to add a special prayer request for those who are serving in our United States Armed Forces as well as those who are our honored veterans.  This is very near and dear to our SHINE girls’ hearts!! 

Thank you, God, for the brave men and women who sacrifice their safety and security to ensure our own freedom.  Protect and prosper these men and women. Help them to know you, Lord, in a very personal way. May You please bless their lives, abundantly. We are filled with gratitude today and every day for their service past, present and future.  We are so grateful, God, touch them even now and please manifest Yourself in their lives, in Jesus name, Amen.

We would love for you girls to come back and post prayers and concerns here.  We are praying and God is working.  Come by and post a prayer, read along and please be blessed and pray with us! 

Praying for you, SHINE friend!

p.s....SHINE weekday give away drawing will be held in a couple of days...get your name in the pot! Go here and comment!