Mar 21, 2012

Wednesday SHINE....

Today's Reading: 2 Samuel 11

Okay, girls. I am gonna shoot it to you straight. 

We have gotten to the part of our reading where David meets Bathsheba. You know the story, right?

Well, if you don't, you will know it after today's reading. It's kind of one of the main parts in the story of David. Definitely not David's finest hour. (yes, david IS human after all!) 

So, this is how God works with me, girls.....follow closely:

Lem and I had a not-so-great conversation Monday night. It had a little something to do with an itty bitty act of disobedience on my part. 

Something about a credit card statement , and I will just leave it at that. 

It wasn't major.  (To me, anyway. )

However, it was major to Lem. 

Why? Because, it just is a big deal to him.  I know this. I know it is a big deal to him, but there are times when I kinda forget about all of that and go with my fleshy flesh. 

As God would have it, I got up and read this post on my friend Lisa's blog  yesterday morning. Yep, the very next morning after our little me-spend-too-much-money talk.

 God is always LOUD and CLEAR with me, girls. He knows I am slow and a little hard headed, so He doesn't beat around the bush.

God is talking to me, friends.  I can't close my ears to Him and pretend like I don't hear Him. It doesn't work like that.  He's inside of me. Right smack down inside this beating heart of mine.

Shortly after reading her blog, I call Lisa, and have her remind me of all the things I already know about obedience to our husbands....yada yada yada.

  But, I needed to be reminded. Again

 You see, I had chosen to forget all of that wisdom for a bit so that I could have that extra latte at Starbucks, and that yummy smelling shampoo that my little head of  hair just HAD to have!

You know what I mean?

Let me get one thing straight  while we are on do not have to be married for this to relate to you.


 So, quit thinking you are off the hook. This is about obedience, dying to our flesh, and submitting to the Father. Yep, so whoever you are and wherever you are in life, this applies to you as well sweet friend.

Okay, a lot more to say about this on Thursday. Hang tight and grab your coffee and hear Lisa's wisdom. (have i mentioned to you that every girl needs a Lisa? well, they do.)

Lisa's Post:

So our pastor has been doing a series on marriage. As a result I have been kind of paying attention a little more to how Scott and I operate and, I don't know, just noticing some things.

Here's a few...

Scott has a mother and does not want me to mother him. I.E. boss him around. Talk to him like he is a child. Look at him disapprovingly like he's a child. Question him like he's a child.

Plus, let's be real here. Uh, when we are upstairs, ahem, ya know, doing that fun thing married people do...yay, neither one of us wants anything to do with mothers while all "that's" happening. So why would I pick and chose when/where/what Mothering should come into play? It never should. Ever. Ever. Ladies, we need to be done with this.

Another thing, Scott needs to know he can trust me. One of our things is spending money. Scott can finally trust me in this area. Finally. It has taken a long time, I'll be honest. In the past, every time he would sit to pay bills, I would steer clear man, cuz I knew that I had not been responsible. But more importantly, I had not been respectful of him and how I knew he wanted the checkbook to be handled.

When I am out and about doing my thing, I need to act maturely and responsibly, out of respect of my husband, and not spend money frivolously. And I need to do this without him giving me the low-down on how the money is looking. I used to wait on the "red light" or "green light" on spending. Now, I just go with my gut. I pay attention to what he is saying, what we have coming up, etc.

We are going out of town for Spring Break, and we are planning a beach vaca for this Summer. With me knowing these things, I need to act accordingly and be smart and sensitive. Plus, it just means so much to him and he is very why wouldn't I??

And here's a big one. I have come to a place in my relationship with the Lord where He is the main man in my life...not Scott. And don't y'all know Scott is grateful. For too many years I relied on my husband to fill every void, build up my confidence, be my only sounding board (when he and I both knew I should have been talking to my Father), be my holy spirit, for lack of a better definition. For goodness sake, that is not Scott's responsibility. And he did not want to be all of those things in my life.

I had to stop looking at Scott, as my everything. He is not suppose to be, so when he was, things were out of sync in our relationship.

Where to start? Talk openly with your Savior. Tell Him what you know He needs to be in your life. Ask Him to forgive you for looking elsewhere for validation, support, guidance. Then, start paying attention to Him. Quiet your spirit and listen. When you find yourself texting, emailing, or waiting to hear the garage open so you can run to your husband for to the Father first. Start running things by him. Start looking to be your everything. You won't regret.

P.S. Maybe money isn't you and your man's thing. But what about this, does he trust you to think the best of him? Does he know that you have his back?


Anonymous said...

Wow. You really nailed it Lisa! So true. For so many years I did the same, expecting my husband to be everything to me, when I should have been looking to God to fill that role. It is impossible for my husband to live up to that. I feel so much happier now that I am taking all of my issues to the Lord first instead of my husband, and no doubt he is happier too. Poor hubby didn't have all the answers, but God does and he will guide us. Thank you for your post. It feels so good to have this reminder. If we have priorities straight, things do go that much smoother. Thank you Lisa and Jill for sharing your real life experiences, the Lord is really working through you and I am learning so much!

Women Who Pray said...

Wow, Lisa! Both points hit! We are to obey (please) our husbands in managing money...and to have their backs 100% of the time. I can remember when the LORD dealt with my attitude toward my hubby in front of my sons! "You want them to honor...their father? Then, you must model that before them." was hard to allow the LORD to make that so in me. Now, as Mimi beside older Mom beside Pop (my sons call him Pop...I see the honor...sheer sons have with him they are all Daddy's now! Also, I see that he trusts me not to spend anything without his approval. He actually discusses things with me say...and honored spot I am so grateful to God for in this stage of our over 60 life together...Oh don't think I mean for one moment that I lead...He is the head...but I see him cherishing the heart (me) these days...not so much in the younger years...when he was trying to lead and waiting sometimes for a long time for me to follow. It's worth the life lesson...the head is the leader! Though the life's blood flows in and out of the heart...the heart follows the head that directs it to pump...Great picture!! Huh? Love this plan, LORD!!! I'm not sure I only have 10000!!!! <3

Erin Davis said...

PERFECT TIMING! God sure does know how to get my attention for sure! Just the other day Chad and I had a pretty heated debate about money and it truly stems from my disobediance. Thank you Lord for speaking to me through these WONDERFUL ladies! Working on myself...starting now!
PS....Lord, Chad thanks you too!
Erin Davis

conny said...

Really you are so good Lisa ... God spoke to me thru you ... My husband was my everything , but know that we are apart is really hard and scary .. But I am learning day by day for our God to be my everything ... Pray everynight for that ... Much love