Mar 23, 2012

Weekday Give-Away week of 3/25-3/30....

i love lucy! don't you? i feel like her most days. seriously.


We have a surprise SHINE girl weekday give-away!

Remember the 1000 blessings journal I told you about? Are you doing it?

If you are, are you loving it? It sure keeps my focus in the HERE and NOW.

So, here's how to win the prize....

Tell someone about the 1000 blessings journal. If you can, buy them a small journal to keep with them. Bless them with this gift of keeping up and noticing their blessings throughout the day!

I've seen several of you talk about it on Facebook already! Way to spread the word, girls!

When you tell someone, comment under this post and leave your name. You will be entered in the drawing to win a beautiful hand-made piece of jewelry! I will post pics soon...

Let me just say that you will want this prize!! I wish I could enter!

So, go tell someone girls!

A BIG thank you to our SHINE girl Michelle Chapman for our prize this week! More info on the prize soon....

Go, tell some folks! The drawing will end sometime next week...that will be a SURPRISE too!

happy journaling,


 "give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. "
1 Thessalonians 5:18


  1. Anonymous3/24/2012

    done <3 i hope EVERYONE will do this in their life, so refreshing and powerful to live in the always, erin spinks
    ps/ i love lucy too!!!! my favorites <3

  2. Shared this with the ladies in the Bible Study that I am leading :) Casey

  3. Shared this with my best friend at exactly the right time! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. Anonymous3/26/2012

    I emailed my daughter's teacher and told her about the book and then told she was one of my "gifts". It made her day! Cristina Crays

  5. Anonymous3/27/2012

    I posted to all my facebook friends that I really enjoyed all this blog gives me everyday. Also, reminded my sister Karen. Ladona

  6. Heather C3/27/2012

    Shared with a friend out of town. Love staying focused and positive counting my blessings when things seem out of control. It is great to remember who is in control! So thankful- also having my children do, you are never to young to count your blessings!

  7. Lori Ihringer3/27/2012

    Shared with a few of my friends this week. I want to echo what Erin said. The 1000 blessing journal has been SO refreshing for me.... And i can not even BEGIN to share how life changing this Blog and Bible study has been.

    THaNk YOu

  8. Anonymous3/27/2012

    I think we should be grateful for every little blessing, for example waking up another day or taking another breath. God is just a blessing in my life and I want him to be a part of so many others lives too! -Jasmine

  9. Cassie Laffan3/28/2012

    Today I encouraged a friend of mine to pull out her journal and write down a few more blessings in her life. Sometimes it's easy to look around at others and focus on our circumstances and look up to Jesus.

  10. Anonymous3/28/2012

    I shared with my sisters and a friend from church. Counting my blessings-Kim

  11. Anonymous3/28/2012

    I told my youngest daughter about it and one of my good friends. I love to read my list really fast as most of mine are one word and it sounds like a ridiculous amount of blessings! I'm at #188. Pepper Helms

  12. Shared with my sister & a few friends. <3
    beyond blessed & still counting!

    1. Recommended this to Jack's teacher as I told her she was a huge gift on my list! Love this challenge!!

  13. I challenged all the girls in my office (they loved it :) ) I also ordered the book for my mom for mothers day and I am going to buy a journal and prsonalize it to go with it. So Blessed!!

  14. I'm sharing this with my BFF! She shares her blessings with me ALL the time and it just tickles me to death ... can't wait to read her 1000 Blessings, because I know we'll find tons of things that she's forgotten to tell me :)

  15. Anonymous3/28/2012

    i have encouraged my mom to start her list! we talk about the SHINE girls all the time. it has been such a blesssing in my life as it is hard to remind yourself to stay diligent with your Walk with CHrist! ready this blog is a daily task that i look forward to when the house is quiet and i am joined by the sweet little noises of my sleeping children (and my hubby too). thanks jill for keeping me on track.

    best to you all SHINEgirls,
    melanie herrington

  16. I joined a small group of working moms - last night was the first night I met with them. Told them all about the 1000 blessings journal and about SHINE. I am also working on my list - only on like #4 but will get there! Thanks so much for all the wisdom and encouragement. I have been so blessed by you girls!

  17. ashley moon3/29/2012

    I shared with my cousin and facebook friends... i need to get to adding to my list!!!!

  18. Kimberlee Blazina3/29/2012

    I shared with some specific FB friends and as my status :)

  19. Erin Davis3/29/2012

    I got a journal for my BFF for Mothers day!
    Erin Davis

  20. I love this idea. My best friend has been trying since the beginning of this year to post a blessing each day on facebook. I have shared with my sisters, aunt and best friend from church.

  21. Nicki Gilbert3/29/2012

    told my fellow teachers about 1000 Blessings and share what strikes me as AWESOME on the daily emails! Nicki Gilbert

  22. Anonymous3/29/2012

    I told my husband and son about my 1000 blessings and a co worker!!!! This SHINE Group is a blessing to me!!!! :)
    MeLissa A

  23. Anonymous3/29/2012

    Hey!! I shared this with my community group last night, about 30 women!! So excited to see what God is going to show us!! Thomasia Alexander

  24. Anonymous3/29/2012

    I told my son about it!!!

    Holly H.

  25. Anonymous3/29/2012

    did it--- done it....done....Shared at church....also been reading it myself...LOVING it...

    Kim J

  26. Going to the beach this weekend with my best friend- got us both journals and are going to start our 1000 blessings together~~ I wrote #1- Best Friends- in both our journals!! Thanks for all of your inspiration!!!!!


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