Feb 26, 2012

Weekday Give-Away Challenge 2/27-3/2....

After a lot of thought and prayer about what the challenge for this week's Weekday Give-Away should be, the answer came to me today.

As I was folding clothes in my Presley's room, I saw something sitting on her little desk. The second I saw it, I knew what our challenge would be.

Here is what I saw:

The message to me here is pretty profound; and I am not speaking financially either.

Are you a saver or a giver? Or maybe a little of both? Or maybe more of a saver than a giver?

I can whole-heartily say that I definitely save more than I give. I save more for myself. I save the best for myself a lot of times. (okay, most of the time.) If I give, it is often my leftovers and not the first and best fruits.


Yes, that's me. The stingy one.

Not proud.

So, here is the challenge:

Give something away this week. It does NOT have to be of a dollar value either.

Here are a few examples:

  • giving through your time.
  • serving at your church
  • helping a friend in need with dinner or cleaning their house
  • offering to drive a neighbors child to school (since gas is an arm and a leg!)
  • finding something in your closet that you like, but think it may look better on someone else--and giving it away.
  • a gift card that you have not used  
  • homemade cookies for your neighbor or co-worker

It sounds simple, but girls, I guarantee you that the person on the receiving end will be absolutely delighted. Who doesn't love any kind of gift? Seriously, it's the best.

Your time is often the best gift. Perhaps, because it is the most valuable in our busy, crazy lives.

When you give this week, please comment under this section. You can just put: I did it! or anything you want to put. Just make sure you leave your name with the comment. 

Your name will be entered in the drawing this Friday! It is a GOOD prize, girls!! Really, really good!

Our fellow SHINE girl and guest-blogger, Lisa Inlow, has generously offered to provide this prize.

Go, GIVE!!

"Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." 2 Corinthians 9:6-7 

no more saving,



  1. I did it! Volunteered at church today and for the future. :)

  2. Shannon Pace2/27/2012

    Yay! I did it. I offered my time for a friend- helping her prepare for a promotional event at work. She was so grateful, and it made me feel great also.

  3. I am just reading this post from yesterday and how perfect it is! Yesterday my daughter and I cleaned out her drawers and part of my closet and I took them to a friend at church last night who has 3 daughters! I Love giving useful things to people who really appreciate them :)

  4. Cassie Laffan2/27/2012

    I did it!

  5. Melissa Martin2/27/2012

    I have been wanting to give some of my youngest's clothes to a neighbor who has faced finacial cut-backs...but, I didn't want her to see it as "charity". So, I blamed it on the challenge - and in the process I realized that her youngest and my youngest share first and last name initials. Since no one really pays attention to middle names we realized I can even "recycle" monograms! How had I never put two and two together before?

  6. Anonymous2/27/2012

    My friend spent 9 hours at the oncologist with her mom. So I took dinner over.

    Melodie Wood

  7. Anonymous2/27/2012

    I did it! Katie D.

  8. Anonymous2/27/2012

    I find myself giving all of the time...I actually get more out of giving that receiving! (even though I have to admit that I sometimes give too much and leave nothing for me to give myself in the way of time)

    I am convinced that "giving" is one my gifts!

    Not going to list out specifics......you know me Jill :o)
    Kim J

    1. You blessed me this week in more ways than you know. I sure do appreciate you:) Your gift of "time" truly helps me more than you will ever know. I love and apprecitate you so much. xoxox Chas

  9. Anonymous2/28/2012

    I did it!!
    Lisa Aycox

  10. Ashley Moon2/28/2012

    I did it.... and my closet is getting cleaned out because of it.... amen :)

  11. Anonymous2/28/2012

    Did it!! Abeni Osti

  12. Anonymous2/28/2012

    I did it! My pastor actually just challenged us to do this very thing this week as well. Jennifer Borders

  13. Amy Clifton2/29/2012

    I did it!

  14. Anonymous2/29/2012

    I did it and it felt good! Shelly Vogel

  15. Anonymous2/29/2012

    I did it!!!!!!!! I gave clothes to a friend....

    MeLissa A

  16. I, along with my husband, did it.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I did it and will continue to do it!!!!

  19. Erika Sellers3/02/2012

    I did it! and my closet seems be a little bigger

  20. Giving is such a blessing! I tend to be a giver, trying to share the blessings that God has given me with my friends and family! Some people don't want to accept gifts, so you have to be a little sneaky about it!! Creativity is the key!

  21. Anonymous3/02/2012

    Did it! Thanks!

    Julie E.

  22. Leslie3/02/2012

    didn't have extra $ to give to help my step-daughter with her new house so I offered to paint. painted yesterday and headed back today. giving of myself actually blessed me more than her!

  23. Cleaned out the closets 6 months ago and FINALLY gave the 6 bags away because of the challenge this week. Yay ... thank you!

  24. Amanda Rodewig3/02/2012

    I did it!!!

  25. Anonymous3/02/2012

    I'm doing it today/tonight ... baking cupcakes for our Men's Conference tonight and helping to serve meals to the men attending.
    Linda Mayo

  26. Kimberlee Blazina3/02/2012

    I did it! We volunteered all of February to teach Sunday school class for my oldest son's class so we thought we were going to be able to go back to our regular class for March. BUT God has other plans and we are volunteering again to teach all of March. Nothing like teaching children to love Jesus!

  27. Anonymous3/02/2012

    I went to my girls school to have lunch with them and I bought her an ice cream and some of the girls looked sad because they don't get ice cream money so I bought 6 little girls an ice cream! They were so thankful and gracious!!

    1. Anonymous3/03/2012

      This is Angela wilder's post

  28. Anonymous3/02/2012

    I can't tell you how many times I INTEND to do things for others (because I love to do it), but I don't follow through due to busyness, but I did it this time!

    Pepper Helms

  29. Better late than never....I did it!! :)

  30. Anonymous3/02/2012

    I did it!
    Mandy McKnight

  31. Whew, done! By the skin of my teeth...count me in!

  32. Anonymous3/02/2012

    Whew...sometimes I say I serve an 11:59 God, well today I must confess I did it a long with my kids the past couple days, but I am an 11:59 reporter. So thankful for the honor to give! It truly is a blessing!

  33. Anonymous3/03/2012

    I did it!! Jasmine Q.

  34. I did it! Hope it isn't too late:)
    Kelly Temple


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