Feb 6, 2012

Weekday Give-Away 2/6/12....

Today's reading:   1 Samuel 26

Good morning, sweet SHINE friends! We have made it another week in our study, Yay!!

How about starting off this week with something fun and exciting?

How about another weekday give-away?

Okay, here's the deal...

In honor of showing others the love of Christ, please tell us in a few words what love is to you. It can be anything...your children, your momma, your daddy, your hubby, a friend.....whatever or whoever makes you think about love.

Got it? Simple, right?

I will put the names in a hat next Tuesday February 14th, Valentine's Day, and draw the winner.

 Our fellow SHINE friend, Tiffany Tabler, is providing the prize for the winner. Thank you, sweet Tiffany!


It's a good, good, prize. Trust me!

So, leave a comment below telling us what or who makes you think about LOVE.  Anything goes here, girls...it's just whatever your little hearts desire to say about love.

Have a wonderful Monday!

**if you have trouble posting, you can email me your comment at lemandjill@gmail.com and I will post it for you. I don't want anyone to miss out on this! :)

love and more love,



  1. this very moment, this very second...love to me is: a friend, Leslie Jones, who is making me chicken noodle soup to help me feel better--and fight this nasty cold bug.

    we just met last week (through SHINE!)--and she is making me soup...wow! talk about love!

    of course, I have a million more love things...but, i will start with this. :)

    1. Love me some LJ!!!! :)

    2. Charlene Newton2/10/2012

      Love is the gift of my 2 boys. God answered my prayers for a baby and not only once but twice with 2 boys!! I love those boys so much.

  2. Ashley Moon2/06/2012

    The way my oldest son looks at me! Even though he is unable to speak, I can see his love for me through his precious eyes. Also, spending time with my husband and our three children always makes my heart fill up with love!

  3. Leslie2/06/2012

    I do love you friend. I pray you'll be better right away!

  4. Love to me is being filled with the grace of God to go out and do His work to touch others who are in need and hurting. Praying for everyone this week.

  5. Love is my mom! She lost her battle with breast cancer 10 months tomorrow. I have come to realize that nobody loves me the way my mama does. Good thing I have my Lord and Saviour!

  6. True love to me is truly unconditional!

  7. Love is... Fall mornings, Summer nights, hearing my children affirm each other when they don't know I'm listening. Love is my Grandmother holding my hand and telling me how proud of me she is, or my girlfriends calling just to say, "I love you". My husband bathing the kids, doing dishes or taking me to have a manicure.

  8. to me, love is shown through time spent.

  9. Lori Ihringer2/06/2012

    Love for me can mean so many things at different seasons in my life...But right now...Love is when my grandchildren come running into my arms (as if they have not seen me in days) screaming NANA I LOVE you so much! It makes my heart SMILE :D

  10. Emily DeJarnett2/06/2012

    Love was best shown to me by my dad-- When I was little, my dad and I would go on long drives together and he would just listen to me as I talked about whatever I thought was important in my simple 6-year-old life. He made me feel like my opinion was the most important thing to him. He just listened... Plain and simple. Those are still some of my most precious memories.

  11. My husband and our middle child have taught me a lot about love, that it is unconditional, and sometimes undeserved but always constant.. My grandparents also, growing up they were ver involved in my life and filled voids left from my parents' busy schedules

  12. Lauren L2/06/2012

    I am learning more and more about how MUCH God's love is displayed in the Gospel. We are reading "Because He loves me" by Elyse Fitzpatrick with the women at church. WOW. Have I been so caught up in pursuing the Christian life that I've left Christ behind? Love to me is this, not that I loved God, but that HE LOVED ME and sent his only Son to die for me. What an amazing Savior we serve.
    Lauren L

  13. My family is a picture of love to me. My parents had a 54 year marriage. My Dad suffered with cancer for 7 years and my Mom was his caregiver. During the final year of Dad's battle, we knew something was going on with Mom but were not sure what was the matter & attributed her forgetfullness and times of aggrevation to the stress of Dad's illness. About a month after Dad passed away, Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. She had struggled to maintain while she was taking care of Dad but succumbed to the disease shortly after losing the love of her life. Also, my sisters and I took care of my Mom during her battle with Alzheimer's disease - and even though she could not understand us most of the time, I watched as we all tenderly cared for her and shared our most precious memories of her. Recently my nephew David had his own battle with cancer and he just oozed love for everyone. Think it was because he came from good stock :)

  14. Anonymous2/06/2012

    to me love is: having my husband tell me i am his best friend, sweet kisses, holding my kid's hands, hugs from my kids, smiles from others, songs that are sung loud, sweet prayers every morning with my kids over them and their daddy, coffee in the early morning, email from a friend, text from a friend, phone call from my mama, hot tamales, running with my friends on hard mornings, fresh sheets, smells of my babies after showers, bonfires, picture albums, frozen yougurt place in athens, accomplishments, encouragement, cheers from others, touch of my husband's hand, prayer time with husband every morning, electric blankets, adventures with my family, worship time at my church, mama's pound cake, parks on warm days---i love lots <3 love out loud! erin spinks

  15. okay, i am LOVING all of your posts! and yes-- that's my second love thing today. :)

    y'all ALL make me smile AND cry...both at the same time!

    love my SHINE sista's,


  16. Anonymous2/06/2012

    Love to me is family. The people that think about you and worry about you and care about you the most:)
    Danielle Clark

  17. Anonymous2/06/2012

    Love for me comes in all directions, it is in a memory of my grandmother "Me Me" she was selfless, she raised me. Love is the millions (almost) pictures stored all over my house that bring a tear to my eyes everytime I browse through them, they are my history and they capture the many precious times with all my loves when my memory fails me. Love..my two daughters Angela and Jill, the day each was born, that gave me worth. Love for me is not a perfect marriage, but the one Wayne and I hoe, seed and plant, over and over because the Lord put us together and he makes no mistakes no matter how bad we mess it up. Last, and not really last is my grandchildren's love, they don't dwell on my wrinkles, fat or insecuries, they make me feel like I really count in this life, heartstrings of love are woven into me everyday..and Jesus is the reason for every bit of it. Love is my shine sisters prayers. Ladona

  18. Yvonne2/06/2012

    love to me is knowing that no matter how horrible life is right now, the voice of God is in my head telling me to "Be Still & Wait". No matter what He loves me - unconditionally no strings attached.

  19. Anonymous2/06/2012

    Oh goodness...I guess it's a good thing that my mind is flooded with thoughts of people that make me think about love! My kids, my crazy husband, my mom, my beautiful girlfriends, my furry babies, my children's teachers. I love talking about love!! Amy J R

  20. Anonymous2/06/2012

    Love to me is that God has allowed me to help him raise my daughters five children, my daughter passed away eight months ago @ the age of 29, and I know that it's God love that gives me my strength, and His grace and mercy that keeps me. God Is Love.
    Diane Veasley

    1. Anonymous2/08/2012

      And love is watching a Grandmother raise the children of her daughter who went home to be with God too soon!

      You are doing an amazing job with those sweet babies....who I happen to love too!!!!
      Kim Jaynes

  21. Love is Jesus Christ dieing for me....He is love.....

  22. My 3 son's little, precious, sweet toes are LOVE to me! I love those little piggie wiggies and I kiss them and squeeze them as often as I can. All 30 of them. :o)

    Rebekah Vepraskas

  23. Anonymous2/07/2012

    ....love to me is the beautiful gift that God poured out on my failing and seemingly hopeless marriage. He taught me love for my husband that I know will never waiver nor wane, He will fulfill it daily.

    Thankful daily for the SHINE Girls!!!!!

    Becky Knox

  24. Love is: The humbling feeling that Jesus Chirst died on the cross for ME! Little ol' me! I'm humbled each day by his LOVE-GRACE and MERCY! I'm SO not worthy, but SO glad that he loves me and washes my sin away daily!!! Oh--and of course I can't leave out the hubby & kiddos...:) Love is the way my husband STILL looks at me after being together for 17 years!!! Wow! He still takes my breath away...and Love is the sound of my angels laughs and prayers and hugs and kisses...feeling SO blessed!

  25. In this moment of life when I am passing thru the hardest and painful time God show LOVE thru all the people that is helping me with prayers and words of wisdom ... People from my church my leaders , shine girls , family .... That's is Love for me now ....thanks to God to bless me with all this worderful people

  26. Anonymous2/07/2012

    Love is when my stepdad drives 2 hours one way to see my oldest wrestle or any other sport he is playing at the time. Majority of those times he’s only there for an hour but he wouldn’t miss seeing his oldest grandson for the world. Love is when I may be having a hard time financially and that same stepdad sends a envelope in the mail to help me out when I didn’t even ask. He’s my angel and sometimes I think he has a direct line to God himself because when I’m down on my knees praying, and wondering how I’m going to make it being a single mom taking care of 2 very active boys my stepdad always ends up being there and just knowing.

    love, Amee G.

    1. Anonymous2/10/2012

      He is a wonderful stepdad, that is the one great thing my sister did was find him.

    2. He has to be one of God's angels put on this Earth for not only you but your Momma too! He is one of the kindest, most generous, most thoughtful person I have ever known. He is without doubt, a definition of love!

      In agreement! Love you cousin & love Uncle Ben!

  27. Anonymous2/07/2012

    Love is playing outside with my babies and spending time with them and my husband. I could play hopscotch, sandbox, sidewalk chalk, softball, riding trikes, chase, and everything else for hours on end with them! ~Sarah F.

  28. Anonymous2/07/2012

    Love is my best friends who care for me so deeply. Love is what I give and receive from my precious daughters. It is the way they care, seek me out, know when something is wrong and when something is right. Love is going to worship my Lord and Savior at church on Sunday with fellow Christians and praising his name. Mary Ann

  29. Anonymous2/08/2012

    My heart is so full and I feel such a wonderful,peaceful feeling when I think about how much God loves us! As I strive to follow God's path for me, I pray that I can truly love with the unselfish, pure love that is given to me through our Lord.
    ~Jan Mackinem

  30. Anonymous2/08/2012

    Hello Shine Girls! OH HOW I MISS ALL YOU SO MUCH! The morning runs, the sounds of birds whistling, the in depth conversations we shared that bared our soul, the prayers we spoke out loud for one another, the confirmations of being surronded by redbirds! oh how God Loves us! I have been trying to get on and read as much as I can to keep up with everyone but more so when I read the blog I feel some what complete even though we don't see each other as often. I thought long and hard what the definition of "love" would be in my eyes and it's you guys! I love our times we had together, I love your smiles and how we lift each other up in our on needs; that's love that is priceless! LOVE MEANS TO COMMIT ONESELF WITHOUT GUARANTEE TO GIVE ONESELF COMPLETELY IN THE HOPE THAT OUR LOVE WILL PRODUCE LOVE IN THE LOVED PERSON. LOVE IS AN ACT OF FAITH AND WHOEVER IS OF LITTLE FAITH IS ALSO OF LITTLE LOVE. LOVE YOU JILL AND THE GIRLS!

    Vicky Palmer~Rescue Angel 911

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Love is when something happens and you can't help but smile because you know without a shadow of a doubt that it is God working in your life!

  33. Anonymous2/08/2012

    LOVE is......EVERYTHING.

    It is happiness, joy, sadness, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, tears, laughter, hope, faith, grace,

    presents(more giving than receiving for me!),

    a helping hand, sleeping late,

    anger(when someone hurts the ones i love--i cannot help but feel anger),

    compliments, sacrifice, surprises, chocolate, giving in, standing your ground, hugs and kisses from my babies (who are 16, 13,and 9), my husband fulfilling---no going above and beyond to fulfill his vows without one complaint....

    it's my children singing in the car, a clean house when I have been too busy to do it myself, others noticing our hard work, the success of those we love, having that ONE good friend, having MANY friends, someone being there, being there for someone else, celebrations, milestones, ....

    it's doing things to bring others joy, hugs from students, surprise cards in the mail, campfires, cookouts, family movie night, playing games, vacations, new shoes, a good massage, good news........

    It is cool breezes at the beach, the SUNSHINE, rainbows, baby giggles, belly laughs, CHOCOLATE, snowflakes, lightening bugs, and butterfly kisses!

    I could go on....

    It is no matter what happens or how bad it is--- there is always love.

    It is the blessings, the storms, the blessings from the storms, ....

    It is because of, a result of, and above all else!

    It never ends and it's hard to say when it begins!

    EVERYWHERE in EVERYTHING ...............there is LOVE!

    And it all started with the one who loves us beyond our own capacity to love!

    Can you imagine that?......God loves us MORE than we could ever love anything in this world!

    Love is moving to a new town and meeting new friends for the first time!

    It is how I feel about a sweet little girl who I met when I was 13 and she was 10....we were doing cartwheels in the neighbors yard. It is how her mom, dad, older sister, and her became FAMILY to me and I love them more than words can say!

    That goofy little, cereal eating girl started this blog AND I could not be more proud to call her friend and say I LOVE THAT GIRL....................

    my Jilly!

    So proud of you and the woman you have become!

    love u all
    Kim J.

  34. Love to me is my husband and 3 precious children! I love their smiling faces, and when they run to me and say, " I love you mom. You are the best mom!". They are my loves!

  35. Love is the out stretched arms of my Savior, the forgiveness I don't deserve, the sweet hugs from my boys, the kind words from my husband, and the unconditional love of my parents.
    Kelly Temple

  36. My sweet baby girls. I could obviously say my husband. But when I had my first daughter I realize just a little bit more what Gods love is like!

  37. Angie Honey2/10/2012

    Love listens (He heard my cry), demonstrates (death on the cross), qualifies me by His righteousness and grace, sings over me (Zeph. 3:17), builds up, believes the best, gives the most, holds me fast, guides me, and assures me that He (love) will always be there, no matter what.

  38. Love is that precious child running up to u to squeeze your neck for no reason. Love is the look my husband and i give each other when we lay eyes on each other for the first time that day (on week days that is usually 6pm).
    Love is always in each text or phone call my friends get from me and I certainly get from them. The friends I have made in my adult years are incredibly precious and my love for them is so deep!
    Love is a new pair of shoes that you bought on clearance (the better the deal the more I love them!)

  39. Kelly G2/10/2012

    True love is the love that my 2 1/2 year old has for her older brothers and sisters (21,19,19&16) it is the purest form of love i have ever seen. Her face lights up when each of them come in a room and theirs for her. It warms my heart everyday.

  40. Cassie Laffan2/10/2012

    Love is my girrrrlll Stephanie. She loves me no matter what. She loves
    Well. She is learning that following Jesus means there are sacrifices that are hard but worth it because of what Jesus did for her. I love how she comes to my house and helps me rearrange to get ready for our not a fan growth group tonight! I love that she always thinks of others! I love that she prays for me and encourages me and just makes me laugh! I love having her in my life!!

  41. Love to me is the gift of children. How amazing to have a Father that allows us to experience creating a person inside of us and watching them grow.

  42. LOVE....love is what i feel for my sweet boys and husband. My oldest son heard me telling my husband that I wish I could keep us in a big bubble away from anything bad...William said, "mommy, it would pop". Ahhh, i love them. My parents also make us ALL feel so very loved.

  43. LOVE~ So many things come to mind....My children( I have two teenagers and I don't like them all the time but I sure do love them with all of my heart)Tucking sweet little Ava Grace in for bed everynight....we always go on and on about who loves one another the most. All of my girlfriends!! They are like sisters to me and I love them all and hold them close to my heart. The wonderful man in my life- I am so blessed to have found someone who is so kind and loving to me and my children. <3 Some special love goes out to Jill Hill- she gets lots of love her way for starting this amazing site! I am proud to SHINE with her as well as so many wonderful women! XOXOXOXO Chasity

  44. Heather2/11/2012

    What is love? I have prayed, pondered, and watched all week "love" in all shapes, sizes, and colors! My 4 yr old received some money in a valentines day card( arrived early) that evening we went to get a birthday gift for her friend. I let her pick it out and she had a box she took in and carried around after of course me trying to convince her she didn't need to take it in. We go to check out and she is standing there looking at the person ringing it up and pulls out her money to pay for it. I said Ella you don't have to do that and she says mommy I am rich, I have all I need Jesus would rather me share his love with my friend. (don't want to have to say other childs name). IThe lady checking us out at wal-mart says what??? Ella says I am rich, I have Jesus. Love! One other, as driving down road, I look up in the totally cloudy gray sky and there is a cross of blue and light. No other blue sky nor sun. Oh, how he loves us so!

  45. My heart is bursting as I have just read ALL the comments above mine! Love is....EVERYTHING!

    Love is why we exist in the first place. God created us in His image after first displaying all His love and brilliance on this Earth He gave us to live.

    I am beyond words when I think of how God could love me when I fail Him daily. He never gives up on me!

    Just sang my heart out tonight to God at Passion City and part of the song I was worshiping God with goes:

    Your love never fails, it never gives up;
    It never runs out on me.

    Wish I could attach it to this post :) That is love. Never fails, never gives up, never runs out! NEVER!

    I desire to love the way I am loved by my Father. A love that is so much bigger than we are capable of on our own accord.

    "This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins." 1 John 4:10

    Love is an action. Let us love by our actions not just in our words. "Dear children (SHINE sisters), let us not love with words or speech, but with action and in truth." 1 John 3:18

    Embracing the wonder of HIS love for ME...awwwww, so sweet.

  46. God is Love!! When God is in your heart- Love is alway there!! ( even though sometimes we have to dig a little deeper for it!!)
    Love is patient, love is kind--- 1 Corinthians 13-- " and now abideth Faith, Hope, Love, these three, but the greastest of these is LOVE."
    Happy Valentines's Day Shine girls!! Hope everyone feels God's love today!!!

  47. Love is the unconditional love between a parent and child - the same as the Love between us and our Father, God :)

  48. Love is my sweet husband who never gives up on me and my precious 6 month baby boy who I could not imagine my life without, and our heavenly Father who showed us ultimate love by giving his Son for us!

  49. Anonymous2/14/2012

    to me love is god. god is love, his love is infinite and as vast as the sea.

    1. awesome! could you please give us your name...so i can enter it in the drawing? you can just leave your first name if you want..thank you!


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