Feb 25, 2012

Saturday SHINE....

Today is my Momma's birthday.

Since the economy stinks and I am not able to buy her some big, shiny, diamond earrings--I am going to write about her.

I know this is not the greatest gift that I can give her, but I hope to be able to convey my love and appreciation for her in my words.

So, here goes:

How do I even begin to describe my Momma? 

There are no words that could possibly describe this unique and precious relationship that she and I share. If I were to ever try and imagine my life without her in it, I couldn't. My life is wrapped up in my Mother in every conceivable way. 

When I am overwhelmed with my children, my housework, my husband, my insecurities, she is the very first person I call. She always listens, no matter how trivial the problem. She makes me feel like I am the only person on Earth when she's around. She always has time for me. Always.

I remember so well being in our little kitchen back in Rex, Georgia. I would watch her, noting her every fluent move. I was smitten with her. I wanted to be just like her. She would cook dinner and I would literally wrap my little legs around the bottom of her thighs and knees and hang on as tight as I possibly could manage.

Yep, I was and still am a Momma's girl.

 She was and still is the most beautiful woman. I remember thinking to myself, if I could only be as pretty as Mommy when I grow up, then I would be so happy.

Not only is she beautiful, but she is the most giving person that I know. She would do anything for anybody. I try to be like her in this way, but it comes so much more natural for her. She never hesitates. 

Have I mentioned that she is also extremely musically inclined? Yes, not only is she beautiful, but she sings, plays the piano, plays the guitar, and probably any other musical instrument. She was even in a band while I was growing up. Pretty cool, huh?

One of my favorite smells in the world is Coppertone Lotion. Momma wore this lotion, not just in the Summer, but any season. I always keep this in stock. I love how it reminds me of her.

Momma's faith is very strong. She has been through a whole lot in her precious life. Every single storm that she faces, her faith gets stronger and she comes out of it more refined and stronger than ever. 

My Momma is exquisite in every way. She really is my hero.

 If you haven't been touched by her, hugged by her, sung to by her, cooked for by her, prayed for by her, listened to by her, coached by her, made to laugh until you pee in your pants by her, then you haven't experienced one of the greatest gifts in this world....My Momma.

I'm so glad God chose her as my Momma.

She truly SHINES the brightest.

Happy Birthday, sweet Momma! See you soon for lunch and a movie!

never cutting the apron strings,


"Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her." Proverbs 31:28


and Then.


Erin Davis said...

Happy Birthday Jill's mom!
Love, Erin Davis

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Jill's Mom! You are so beautiful! What a wonderful relationship you both share. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, what a way to start my 62ND birthday. Thank you Jill, oh how if I could be given one go back by the Lord it would be to have my two precious girls snuggled in my arms, and doing all the deeds that entails being a Mom. Those sleepy eyes, wet kisses, tight hugs, the talks, the prayers, the holidays, the laughter, the wonder of their dreams, I could go on and on, my point is that those were precious times, no matter how busy with school and sports, church, it was tightly woven with the best times of my life. So, I go forward with God's other blessings that he has planned only for me. I love you Jill, Angie, thank you both for honoring me with your special love, and most importantly your love for God. My day is already made and I'm not born yet!!! (3:00p) Thanks for the memories, and the more to come from y'all and our grandchildren. Life is good with the Lord's immeasurable love, what could ever be more divine? love The Momma.

Rebekah Hudgins Vepraskas said...


… I will pour My Spirit upon your seed and My blessing upon thine offspring.
Isaiah 44:3

… His salvation extends to the children's children.
Psalm 103:17

… The children of your people will live in security and their children's children will thrive in your presence.
Psalm 102:28

And I will give them one heart and one way that they may fear me forever for their good and the good of their children after them … And I will make an everlasting covenant with them that I will not turn away from them, to do them good. I will put fear and respect for me in their hearts so they will not turn away from me.
Jeremiah 32:39-40

Miss Ladona, I LOVE you. I always have. <3 Your 2 girls speak volumes of their mother. Nothing could be a higher compliment to you than Angela and Jill. I hope on your birthday you can soak in every good thing and every seed of faithfulness you have sown. Happy birthday to you, beautiful lady!!


Chasity said...

I am blessed to have known your sweet Momma! I lover her so- and I have fond memories of how sweet, funny and loving she is. Love you so much and hope you have a blessed and wonderful birthday!! xoxoxoxo Chasity

The Parker Family said...

Happy Birthday Ladona! I hope your day is as special as you are, and I hope the year is filled with blessings!

Mary Hudgins Balicki said...

What Beka said!!!! Happy Mommaday!!!!!
You exude LOVE and the Light of the Lord truly SHINES so brightly through you and your offspring. I am a huge lover of all things Allgood and you my beautiful friend are on the top of that list. It's so cool that being a friend of Jill and Angie means being a friend of yours...jackpot!
Thank you for loving me, for making me belly laugh to no end and for always welcoming me back into the fold when I had blown it. You are precious to me.
Love you so, Mary

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mary, you are also precious to me, love you. the Momma.

Anonymous said...

Chasity we go way back, thank you for my birthday message, love you God bless you. Ladona

Anonymous said...

Thank you Beka, I am totally blessed by your beautiful post. Thanks to all you special girls my heart is full. Love sent to each of you for thinking of me today. Have a great rest of the weekend. xxoo
The Momma, Ladona

Anonymous said...

To each of you precious women that have taken time to send me these loving messages, thank you so very much. Getting old is something I look forward to. Sending you all back a huge smile for making my day. Love, Ladona

Terri Abbott said...

Happy Birthday Ladona. I certainly concur that your fruit speaks for you in a hugh way. God bless you today and always. We are not old, we are well seasoned! Take care, enjoy the beautiful family you have and pat yourself on the back (I'm sure others are) you have done good Mama! Love, Terri

Anonymous said...

Thank you Terri, God leaves me speechless. When I was growing up,this family is what I prayed for and he delivered beauty for ashes. Extremely blessed by the enormous gift of my family.

Anonymous said...

I know that I am a day late, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I have known you for a long time. You are very precious to me. You have raised two beautiful daughters, both of whom have so many of your wonderful qualities. You are such a positive, spiritual woman and you have blessed so many of us. We have shared many laughs and I hope to share many more. Shine on Ladonna!
Jennifer H.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jennifer, it is never to late to celebrate. You have brought me much, much fun and laughter. Those New Year's Eve parties at Angela...a bird with a pop eye.../????!!! we are both weird and I love it. Love you Jennifer and your precious family.

Anonymous said...

Jillian Amber, thank you so much for yesterday,didn't want it to end. Thank you for my gifts, I love them, the best thing you gave me was you for a few hours. You are special in my eyes in every way, but I have nothing on the Lord he will take care of you when I can't. Forever, not to worry he is carrying you all the way, Love you bushels, pecks and hugs around that pretty, sweet neck. Your Momma

Women Who Pray said...

You have deposited into your daughter(s) precious gems....I'm glad to be sisters with you, Ladonna! We're both 62. I pray your birthday was as wonderful as mine! Love you! Aunt Teddi

Anonymous said...

Ok...I FINALLY made it here!

Sorry I am so late but I am HONORED and BLESSED to say that I was actually with you just about all day on your birthday and that is one reason this post is late!

I am also fortunate enough to call you my MOMMA as well (no matter that it is not by blood)! You have been there for me since I was 13, even when I was not very lovable, you loved me!

You have been such a huge part of my family.....my own children think you are their grandmother somehow!

I try to think of a time without you in it and it is not possible............so many memories, just like the stars in the Heavens too many to count......

memories that I treasure.........I can say that yes....I have been coached by, a teammate of, hugged by, sung to by, cooked for by, prayed for by, listened to by, made to laugh until I'd pee in your pants by LADONA......(and even scolded by--ha!)

so many wonderful memories.......softball, fatback, Ryan's steakhouse, salmon patties, spending the night, homemade biscuits, going to church, scary movies, shopping till I dropped--literally and so much more!

I watched you sacrifice for your girls (and still watch this), I have watched while you wait on your husband hand and foot! I have watched as you go above and beyond for those grands!!!!

I watched as you took care of your daddy and your grandmother............

........you have made quite the impression on me!

I can only hope to be half the wife, mother, grandmother and friend that you are!

LOVE YOU more than my luggage!!! :o)