Feb 26, 2012

Reading Plan Week of 2/27-3/2....

Reading Plan for Week of 2/27-3/2:

  • Monday 2/27: Romans 10
  • Tuesday 2/28: Romans 11
  • Wednesday 2/29: Romans 12
  • Thursday 3/1: Romans 13
  • Friday 3/2: Romans 14

Stay tuned in this week, we will be having another weekday give-away. :)

Happy reading, SHINE!

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Women Who Pray said...

I told Jill this morning that Romans is really some more chapter for the body of Christ! It lets us know how much we are forgiven and even snatched out of places by His Grace -- unmerited favor! Then, and this I don't take lightly, in fact, I tread lighter than ever through these scriptures as I am now in my 6th decade..not so far from the number of years given man, according to scripture...here is a heart question? Do we sin more so Grace will abound more? Whew!! Ugh!! So, God to just say it through His man Paul...but the circumcized..the Jew...was not all those who were circumcized in flesh or born the seed of Abraham...but the ones God was talking about were those with the circumcized hearts. Romans will sure keep us from thinking too highly or ourselves as God's family...for the ones who love Him are the ones who do the will of the Father! It has always been that way from the beginning...old and new testaments...I love that He changes not...for me or for you...He's the same yesterday, today, and forever!!! Woo Hoo!!!